Mastering Real Estate in Probate, Wills, & Trusts

Estate planning seminar

ERA Key Realty Services’ Team Blue and Damore Law are sponsoring a free breakfast event at 10 a.m., Sunday, April 7, 2024 at Cucina LaRosa's, 228 Main St., Wilmington, to teach area residents how to use estate planning to protect their real estate and wealth. 

“Navigating Real Estate in Probates, Wills and Trusts,” which will feature Team Blue Leader Lori Penney and Peter Damore of Damore Law, aims to clarify the complex dynamics of real estate transactions impacted by wills, probates and trusts. 

This informative session is perfectly tailored for homeowners, prospective buyers, and sellers, especially those keen on safeguarding their family's future wealth and real estate assets. 

Event highlights include: 

  • In-depth Insights. Learn how probates, wills and trusts play a crucial role in real estate transactions from Team Blue and Peter Damore from Damore Law. 
  • Q&A Session. Get your pressing questions answered in a dynamic Q&A session designed to clear uncertainties. 
  • Complimentary Breakfast. Enjoy a variety of delicious breakfast options and beverages on us, making for a perfect learning environment. 

Team Blue Leader Lori Penney, instrumental in organizing this session, highlighted the event’s core mission. Lori Penney

“In our community,” she said, “there's a palpable need for clarity around the roles of wills, probates and trusts in protecting real estate and family wealth. This session aims to dispel the uncertainties surrounding these topics, offering residents a clearer understanding and the confidence to make informed decisions for their families’ future.” 

The event is geared toward homeowners, real estate enthusiasts, individuals facing uncertainties about estate planning, and anyone interested in learning how to protect their real estate and family wealth. 

Seating is limited and registration is required. To register, call 978-658-8288 or click here.


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