Hills of Whitinsville

Hills of Whitinsville

Hills of Whitinsville is a quiet beautiful development located in north Whitinsville, one of the five villages that make up Northbridge. Homes in this area quite spacious, with multiple bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, and attached garages. Hills of Whitinsville is tucked away right next to the Whitinsville Historic District. Marston Road is the main street that runs throughout the community, which branches out onto smaller roads including Hillcrest Road, Morgan Road, and Nathaniel Drive.

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Those living in Hills of Whitinsville can take a quick walk over to the Whitinsville Historic District, where they’ll find the Whitinsville Social Library, the 1938 post office, and a brick mill building that was built by the Whitin family in 1826. Less than a mile south, you’ll find Church Street, which is home to many of the village’s restaurants, Northbridge Elementary School, Whitin Community Center, and Northbridge Town Hall.

 The famous Whitinsville Golf Club and the Blackstone River and Canal Heritage State Park are both within a few miles of Hills of Whitinsville. This community is also located near Massachusetts Routes 122 and 146, making it a great location for work commuters.